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Baby Buds

Babies and young children are social beings, they are competent learners from birth. Babies learn most effectively when they are actively involved and interested. Caring staff count more than resources and equipment. Schedules, and routines are a must with children of such a young age, but this will always flow with the child's needs.

Our exclusive infant programme is backed up with research on infant brain development and the EYFS which has led us to the interactive programme including:

  • Classical music that stimulates thinking.
  • Bright, colorful playthings that encourage exploration and new challenges.
  • Fun activities to help develop both fine and large motor skill development.
  • Theme-based activities that stretch early imagination and interaction.
  • Lots of singing! This will encourage; early language skills, learning signing for animals, and following instructions by copying actions.

The Little Tulip has a ratio of 1 staff member to 2 babies to ensure that your baby will receive the optimum care, attention and opportunities for development. Your baby also has the opportunity to play with other babies and find friendship at the earliest stages.

You may think that babies won't be able to take part in the craft activities. Think agin! Your baby will be painting, drawing, sticking as part of their development. As the staff ratio is low, your child will be able to take part in activities that you may not have thought possible. They may not be able to hold a paint brush properly or draw, but with 1-1 help from staff, they can paint using various materials such as vegetables or sponges, or using their hands, fingers and feet. All the paint we will use will be washable, and wash off clothes and skin. If you would like your child to wear old clothes when painting, please provide these. From first step to first word, your baby will begin to experience the world in new ways.

The Baby Buds room is full of stimulating colours and sensory toys, and cushions and mats, so when your baby begins to crawl they have an exciting adventure ahead of them. Until then, they are stimulated by the colours on the walls, the mobiles on the cots and the toys which help develop their motor skills.

We understand that leaving a young baby is daunting for parents. So management makes it their priority to check on the babies regularly, and ensure that staff are following the routines that you have provided.

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