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We realise that when your child reaches the Petals room, they will enjoy playing alongside other children. Sharing will no longer be an issue for most children at this age. We encourage children to play and explore, as this will help them with their critical thinking and creativity. They will be taking part in more intricate craft work, partnerships, and team games. Imaginative play will also help social skills and increase their ability to talk to each other and the staff about their feelings.

By the age of two many children are ready to start potty training. Our policy on potty training can be found at the back of this handbook. We will not force a child to use the potty or toilet and your child's 'key worker' will talk to you regularly about their progress.

The Little Tulip understands that by this stage, your child is becoming more independent every day, and we accommodate that, by involving them in decision making.

Although your child will have time to play, they will also start to 'sit, learn and listen'! This will help them with the transition to nursery. Yet, we understand that children are unique, and will not all be at the same stage. They all develop at different times, and in different ways. Therefore specialised activities will be planned to suit all of the children's development areas. Staff will be able to adapt the activity for each individual child. For example, allowing the younger children in the class to carry out the activity in a simpler way, in a small group, whilst teaching the older ones separately. There will be a relaxed reading corner for your child to sit and look at a book, alone, with a friend, or as a group.

There will be opportunities for 'free play' indoor and outdoor. As well as organised play times to help children's gross motor skills development i.e throwing, kicking, running etc.

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