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Little Shoots

As toddlers develop friendships, self esteem and curiosity, our staff will help them explore their world in a safe and nurturing environment. While your child is in this room, they will be focusing on stories, music, games, building blocks, painting, singing and much more! The Little Shoots will continue exploring the world of art and music which will help build on language skills in preparation for reading. The use of structure and repetition will help them feel confident in their learning experience.

The numbers in this room are kept small so the children can have space to play in their rooms. There is 1 member of staff to 3 children, so you can be assured that your child will have constant care by staff members and they wont be too busy looking after too many children.

The Little Shoots have three areas in which they can play. This is specifically designed and equipped for children who are both beginning to walk and walking well. The rooms are set out for developing various skills. There is an area for imaginative play, with a kitchen, play food, cups, tea pots etc. This will encourage social skills and imagination. One room will be to develop fine motor skills building blocks, drawing, painting, cars etc. While the other room will be for their main activity. This will enable the children to carry out their main activity in small groups enabling the staff to spend quality time with your child. Having three areas also enables the children to have vast space during the 'free play sessions'.

During sleep time, beds will be set out in one of the rooms. They will sleep on comfortable beds which we will put out at specific times. A sticker will be on every bed, ensuring that your child has the same bed every day. We understand that not every child is going to sleep at the same time, or maybe you prefer your child not to sleep in the day. We will therefore use the other room as a quiet room to sit and read, listen to stories, or play quiet games. Lullabies and classical music will be played throughout the building during 'sleep time' to create a calm and sleepy atmosphere. You child will never be forced to sleep, or stay laying down - unless this is what you want.

There will be set times for your child to play outside every day. This is in a shaded area, so you can be guaranteed come rain or shine, your child can get fresh air and 'let off steam' throughout the day!

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